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Auto Painting

Even cars in perfect working condition can benefit from a new paint job. A paint job can prevent rust damage, increase the resale value, and of course – make you proud to stand next to your car.

Not all mechanics are qualified to do auto-painting, and some use paints that are known to damage the environment. At A&E, our paintwork is performed by certified paint-matching technicians with an eye for detail. We use water-based paints that are low in water and air pollutants, keeping our city healthy.

First, our technicians use a BASF spectrometer to scan your paint color – ensuring an exact match. We apply primers & sealers to ensure a solid base before painting, and a glossy original appearance once finished.

Once your vehicle has been prepared for paint, we carefully mask it to avoid overspray. All work is performed in an oversized downdraft spray booth with multiple filters – ensuring a clean paint product free of dust and debris.

Lastly, we activate a paint curing system to prepare the dry paint for polish. To avoid cracking on flexible parts, we use a substrate prep (or flex additive) – ensuring you have a smooth, flawless surface all around.

We’re confident you’ll love our methods – so we offer a lifetime guarantee on auto painting.

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A & E did an incredible paint job for my truck I absolutely love it.
Eduardo Mancilla