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Paintless Dent Removal

At A&E, we do the minimal amount of work possible while ensuring you get the maximum results. Some mechanics will sand down your paint to remove a ding or dent. At A&E, we do our best to maintain the original paint from the factory by gently massaging the dent out from the inside.

Most of the dents we come across can be removed without additional paint – but it can depend on the severity or placement of the dent.

Most paintless dent removals can be done in a day. If you have dents or scratches, send us quote request with a photo of your damage, and we will let you know if you need painting or a simple removal treatment. Call A&E today or schedule an appointment.

"I accidentally scraped my bumper and tried this shop for the first time. Very impressive work, thank you! "
Paul Serafini